Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Need a last minute gift? Wanta play Secret Pal or Secret Santa? Let me know and I can get some fabric baggies in the next working day's mail. I have 25 count baggies washed, cut, ironed and ready to mail in Red, Blue, Purple, Pastel, Brights and med/darks. These are recycled pieces of Thrift Store Fancies. They include silk, velvet, rayon, satin, acetate, sometimes lace and linen. These are $10.00 plus postage.

Also have 25 count baggies in assorted linen weights and colors. A lot of the gals like using the linen which makes it easier to maintain even stitching.

Plus, give me a couple days and I can make up "Christmas baggies" consisting of 25 count of reds, greens and golds, (or your choice of colors) 6 10 yard wraps of assorted matching threads, 2 funky fibers, gold buttons, Christmas charms, and whatever else I can find to toss in. (Sorry, I have no silk ribbon.) The fabrics in this offer are the same as listed above. This is a generous baggie and one that you can give with pride. The price for this assortment is $25.00 INCLUDING Postage!

I have gathered up LOTS of fancy garments over the last 6 months and can make up some interesting baggies to order. Just tell me what you want and when I get it pulled, I can send you a photo for your approval.

We've got a new home!

We're just so happy. Miss Donna has made room next to her sewing machine for us. We can help her sew. We're good at that.
We just wish Crazy Judyth would hurry up and put us in the mail. She made some comment about dressing us up and washing our faces and.... WE don't think any of that needs done. Just get us there. We're so tired of living in a box!
Thank you, Miss Donna, for offering us a good home.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Help, We really need a good home!

Hi. We're Flamingos that this kind lady saved from the trash at the Thrift Store where we were abandoned. Once we were Marionettes but that mean girl cut off all our strings. We are still very lovable and would like to go to a good home. The very kind lady who saved us just can't keep all of us. Her husband can't handle all the dust so she's trying to thin stuff out. All she asks is help with the postage. Would you please think about taking us into your home? Postage money is a problem with her right now even tho it can't be much. Thank you for looking at us. You can contact her at:

Friday, October 24, 2008

Beading Books for Sale

I love beading. I have gobs and more of different beads. I also have books on beading. As I'm not doing much stitching............. why keep all of these?

4. *Beaded Embellishment
A Beadwork how-to-do Book
Amy C. Clark & Robin Atkins - Interweave Press Softbound
C. 2002, 130 pages. New, never read. ...Four basic foundation stitches and their variations are illustrated in careful detail, and useful tricks of the trade abound for developing pattern and image.
New $21.95, Now $18.00 including postage (media) US only

5. *Bead & Sequin Embroidery Stitches*
Stanley Levy, this copy reprinted 2004. A Guild of Master Craftsman Publications. Slight shelf wear. 124 pages. Softbound. In this book Stanley Levy encompasses his many years spent perfecting the art of bead and sequin embroidery and will appeal to anyone with an interest in this creative technique. Full color Illustrations, helpful diagrams and photographs, the book progresses from the fundamentals to more advanced techniques.
$10.00 US shipping including postage.

6. *Ann Benson's Beadwear*
Making Beaded Accessories and Adornments
Hardbound, book in good condition, dust cover mended. 144 pages. C. 1994.
With the easy-to-learn techniques and complete patterns and instructions she's provided, you'll use seed beads, bugle beads, pearls, crystals, semiprecious stones and more, to make your own exciting works of wearable art. (Most can be adapted to Crazy Quilting. cj)
New: $27.95. Now $15.00 including US Media Shipping.

7. *Embellishing with Beads
Nancy Nehring. Hardcover, New. 128 pages. "Add interest, sparkle,texture and excitement to your projects with beautiful bead embellishments. They suggest elegance and wealth because good quality beadwork is still hand-stitched." "Learn... to lend focus to yhour beadwork with other enhancements, such as sequins, buttons, and ribbons. (The beaded Shisha instructions are great. Would love to learn to do this. And the beaded tassels are to die for)
New: $27.95 Now: 18.50 including US media postage. This is one I should keep.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Books I'm willing to part with:

Skinny Sis came down Monday and spent the night. We sorted and culled lots and lots of stuff. I even took her upstairs..........the dreaded dark and cold dungeon that I don't let just anybody enter. For one thing, I have this OC about cardboard boxes. Big ones, little ones, tiny ones and I save them. All of them. So, consequently, the upstairs has a fair sized collection of empty boxes. Don't ask me why I save cardboard boxes. I can't answer you as I haven't a clue. But, Sis was a huge help in sorting things around. I have so much "stuff". I'm working on "grab bags" that will have lots of goodies in them. Watch for my ad on those.

I'm going to start this with listing some books that I've collected over the years. They all are sewing/embroidery related. But not necessarily listed in order. I'm not going to upload pics of these. If you want one, I'll send you a pic.

1. The McCall's Book of Quilts
1975 edition. Hardbound w/dust jacket. Book in good+++ condition. dust jacket has small tear at the top that I taped. 160 pages. Quoting from the dust jacket: "41 Patchwork Quilts with wonderfully evocative names--"Mariner's Compass," "Grandma's Garden".....--and legendary stories to tell". 12 Applique Quilts in whimsical, delicate designs such as 'Whig Roses,' 'Lotus' and 'Plume'. " US shipping only at $15.00 including media postage.

2.Painting with Stitches
Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand by Sue Dove
Published 2004, Interweave Press. Soft cover. Good++++ condition.130 pages "Paint your Creative Visions with a Needle and Thread." This book appealed to me as it called out to the Individual in me. I hate structure in all things. Some great ideas which stirred my creative self. US shipping only at $15.00 including media postage.

3. Fabricrafts
50 Extraordinary Gifts & Projects, Step by Step.
Published 1996 by Crown Trade Paperbacks. First American Edition. Slight shelf wear. Soft Cover. "This innovative book offers fifty beautiful and creative ideas for making gifts and projects from fabric." "Techniques include Cartonnage. Bead work. Scrapscrafts.Weaving. Stenciling. Felting. Stamping. Marbling. Applique.and Quilting." 160 pages. $15.00 US shipping including postage.

This is taking a little longer than I thought. I'll be back to list some more this evening.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Needing a New Coat

I need a new coat. The one I have is getting old...just like me. I made it 10 or 12 years ago and it's starting to show it. I'd wear it a couple years then find something else for a year then drag this poor thing out again. I love it and hate to let it go. No, no, I'll hang it in the back of the closet. Who knows, it might wear a couple more times.

I made this one out of corduroy with corduroy appliques. It was a fun project that took considerable time, even machine stitching everything down. The one I'm considering will be all embroidery (hand) and hand turned applique. Very little of the applique, but I've a couple ideas that include small bits.
I love HONKING ORANGE, but this new wool is some what louder than that. Scary! But, what else that is scary is what I paid for this wool. I can't just hide it or pretend that I forgot I had it. So.... I'll post some photos as work progresses. And when I get everything on my list for today done, I'll show what the wool looks like and some of the trims and threads and such that I have. But that will be much later as I've two chickens to cut up and freeze and a 60 count box of peaches that are ripe. Jam and pie filling for those.

Here is a pic of my old coat. I have others but can't find the one I want. Naturally.
I'll tell you one thing... I NEVER got so tired of doing something in my life. My photos don't show the side that I started on and all the snowflakes. Fact is, there are parts that didn't get any more French Knots than the bare minimum, if that. Ja ja ja. I plan to keep that in mind on this new coat project. Oh, another thing. This coat only had one (1) pocket because there was a design that I wanted to put on it and a pocket there would have ruined it. NEVER Again. I know, I know, "never say never", but only having one pocket was a stupid mistake. Stupid, I tell you. In a hurry and you stick stuff in the pocket that wasn't there only to have to stop and pick everything up. That was just one of the problems.
Got the Kitchen ready to do those two chickens. So, I'll go smoke and then dig out that last little bit of stuff for Sharon's baggie and a quick trip to the PO and I'll be ready to start.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Yellow Fabrics - More Buttons

Going to try it again. I've just had the most trouble uploading stuff. And being I'm the computer dummy, I don't know how to "fix" the problem. It uploads to a point and then I get the IE can't display the web page. Sooooo, before I go any further, I'm ging to try to load pictures of the yellow fabrics and the gold and silver buttons. Here goes...

Well........... I had written more about some "different" buttons and now that paragraph is gone. I hate this. I was telling you about the good Eagle buttons that ould have been nice to share with the eagle stitchers. The Amish type buttons with a horse pulling a buggy, Egyptian ladies and so on. Going to post pics of them nect time this program decides to work.
Thanks for looking
Crazy Judyth

Thursday, May 29, 2008

More buttons - Yellow Fancy Fabrics Baggies

Well, I uploaded 2 photos of buttons and now I can't find them. Anywhere. Also uploaded two shots of the 20 count Yellow Fabrics. The damn buttons must have carried them off.
to be continued. When I find the photos.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink, Red, "pink" and 1 yellow

More Buttons. These are all put up in Twenty-Five (25) count baggies. They have been "cleaned" as in all the threads and fabrics have been removed.

Soft Pinks. Two (2) available.

Shades of Red - Three (3)little baggies

Assorted shades of Pinks, some hot, some with more of a purple cast - One Only.

Last of the yellows. All are Medium to Small. Missing a Large Yellow One.

Not shown - Burgundy Red. One Only.

Still have two (2) blue baggies .
Keep watching as Black, Browns, metal and MOP are yet to come along.
Then its Mixed baggies to move the left overs.
I know there is at least one baggie of Crowns, Shields and Coat of arms.
Another of Anchors.
Baggies of 80 small buttons. I love tiny buttons but there is no way I'll ever use all of these up. Mostly white/off white with a few colored buttons included.
And the list goes on.
Then it's on to the laces!

Sunday, May 25, 2008


The button containers are full to over flowing and it's time to thin out some.

These six (6) beauties are all at or over the one inch mark. Huge, large, humongous, giant, whatever word you would use to describe them, they are getting harder and harder to find. Large colored buttons in any color are hard to find. And thus, I'm asking $1.00 each. Please indicate which one you are interested in.

This gives you an idea of how many are available. I'm going to bag these at twenty-five to the baggie and $6.50 per baggie. Which works out to less than $0.25 each for the really fancy ones and the ones that are smaller and plainer .
In this picture I tried to show the different sizes. I have several just under one inch in size and then those smaller ones. I don't know if you can see that some are shank style while others are flat.

Stay tuned. More buttons coming soon.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some Links for you

I don't know how I got here but there are some really great links here. I'd even say: "Outstanding", I've listed the link first then my comment below it
really cute seahorses.
I think that these could be made easily.
I never thought of beads. These are too cute.
I gotta make some of these mushrooms!
Now I know what to do with those ugly shank buttons.
This spoke to me.
This little doll is so sweet! Looks simple and easy, too. Wish that there />

was a place that would accept some of these. You know chairity project. I know that several of us on this list would have fun doing them. Any ideas about where?

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yet another windy day

Yes, today will be another of those substained 30 mph winds with gusts over 50. It's awful. And cold. Only in Kansas.
Ray doing better. He has real trouble breathing in this wind. So, he stays in the house and tries to stay out of my way.

I posted a photo yesterday. The electricy wouldn't stay on. All in all we were without power for about 7 hours. I'd just get back on line and the power would flash and...... the "on" button sticks and you gotta take a fingernail file or knife to get it to pop back out. Just to have the flicker again. Anyway, I haven't seen my son in a few years so I sent him this photo. I put on there that he hadn't seen me in quite a while I was sending him this currant picture. Then I sent the one of the gal in the blue robe. I thought it was funny. He didn't.

Sorting buttons today. That is if I can wake up. Drug hangover.
Crazy Judyth

Friday, May 2, 2008

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Theme Goodie Baggie plus Other Goodies

I have plans to have some Theme Goodies Bags for Halloween, Fall and Christmas. These are in "the works". I've been making some Goodies Bags right along. Recent ones were for Alice and Lori in the color "Yellow". These Goodies bags contain fabrics, beads, buttons, laces and some threads.
I'm really looking forward to the "Fall" one. I have some brown silk velvet and other great fall colors in silks and rayon, linen and velveteen. Sorry, no HONKING ORANGE at this time. It doesn't lend itself to the color plan.

These photos kinda show you what I'm working with. Only they just show a fraction of the "goodies" that I have on hand. I have several metal hearts, broken jewelry of all kinds, hole in the belly spiders and ... well so much more.
I can't begin to tell you just how much more, but if you have a THEME in mind, contact me and I'll tell you what I have that might work. I'm certain that I have something here. As much as there is, there just has to be something. Right now I know that I'm short on fish buttons or beads. I have plans to sort all these baggies and boxes and other containers and get this stuff organized. Ja ja ja. No, really!

I also have needle book Goodies bags in your choice of colors. This pattern shown is one I made up myself. It's a double fold with a padded heart reverse applique to embroidery an initial on. The $40.00 Goodies bag contains the muslin pattern, enough different fabrics for the outside, fabric for the lining and pockets, batting, wool to pad the heart, Coordinating color of Wool for 8 pages, an assortment of buttons and beads, laces and other trim.

This photo shows one of the Needle book goodies bags partial contents.

I also have some old embroideries and hand made laces and edgings. These are very limited to stock on hand.

And not to forget some free clip art that appealed to me. Like this froggie

Thanks for looking. Let me know if I can help you with your projects. You can contact me at:

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a beautiful Spring day........

And I'm stuck inside trying to get some more of this housework done. I had to take Ray back to the hospital last night. He couldn't breath and was coughing his toenails up. Actually, he has been doing that for the past 4 or 5 days. He wanted to wait until Monday and me phone Dr. Clairborn in Wichita for an appointment. He has so much work to do over at the shop and felt that he should be working on it. Yeah, right. I finally talked him into seeing his primary physican, Dr. Stevens. Then about 10:30, he decided that he couldn't wait any longer. I talked to him just a little bit ago and he said that Dr. Stevens was reviewing all the test and x-rays that they took during the week that he was there this month already.
I'm moving furniture around. Did you know that to move this piece out of the file room into the kitchen, you have to clean the kitchen in the area that you plan on putting it. Then the piece in the file room that needs to go across the room has to be cleaned off, the kitchen machines moved to the kitchen, and then the shelf unit in here in the dining room has to be unloaded, un-screwed from the wall, moved, screwed into that wall and ready to re-load. You cannot believe the mess all of this is causing. Or should I say "adding too?"
I'm not handling this second trip to the hospital as well as I did the first time. I'm worried about Ray. And I must admit, I'm worried about me. What am I supposed to do with him gone? I guess I should consider keeping those thoughts until I really do need to worry about it. I could cry. Poor me. Poor Ray.
Sorry this is so doomsdayish. Back to my mess.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Taking time off

Ray asked this morning if I couldn't do something about the dust. And there IS dust. I have, between trying to get baggies out and pain, let this place go. It IS bad. I'm not much of a housekeeper to begin with and ... what else can I say?

So, starting today, April 2, 08, until April 14th Crazy Judyth's Stuff will be closed. I have a few orders here that I will continue to work on and mail out.

Sorry to do this but my husband's health comes above all else. Ray has survived Lung Cancer TWICE. The first time his right lung was completly removed. And as his left lung has to share space with his heart, his breathing is a major problem. Also the fact that he had a spot of cancer in it..... He is on Oxygen full time. The exception is when he is here in the house watching tv.

Thank you for your understanding. It is appreciated.

I love you guys. You are what keeps me sane.

Judyth aka Crazy Judyth

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Purple 20 count baggies

I finally had time to get the last of the purples cut and bagged up. I have about 14 made up and quite a bit leftover to make more.

Showing are 20 pieces of purples and a piece of lace with little purple flowers. This lace can be cut out and used for motiffs. As you know, I always include a few extras. I've included some prints that go well with these.
Price: $7.50 plus $2.00 postage for one. Will combine postage on more than one baggie. Can take paypal that is NOT credit card funded, chickens, well hidden cash or check.
Working on some yellows for the next color study. Have some really pretty ones and as in all things, some not as pretty but still nice.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Fulled Wool Sofa Throw

Sis, Karen in Ohio, and I are thinking about making sofa throws or wall hangings or I'm even considering a CQ poncho. It's going to depend on how heavy these blocks turn out to be.
This is the first block that I'm ready to stitch on. I had this clip art teapot that I plan to do some viney stitches with leaves.
This second photo is just a small handful of my collection of embroidery ideas and all. I have saved clip art and stitching ideas for many years. Maybe this wool project is the place to use some of them. Looks like I've got a lot of birds. Like I said, this is only a partical showing.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Stumbling Block

OK. I'm done for now. There are so many things that I want/wanted to do to this. Up in the left hand corner where the lizzard is, I have a sun dial or bird bath in mind to place there. I DO NOT like the pathway going east. I think I'll try to bury it under some bushes or flowers or... anything.
This is my first time to try "rocks" in my landscapes. I really like them, but found out that I need to make them smaller so that they will look better.
My sense of direction with this block says that it's all screwed up. The planter rocks below the tree look alright. But the pathway rocks............. I don't like the two different perspectives. I didn't allow myself enough time to work it out. I've done them before and been very happy with the depth and whatnot.
In the tree, you can see where I have started some green leaves. The tree is by no means done. It needs more branches to cover the eastbound walkway. In the upper right hand limb you can see where I plan to place a bird's nest with eggs.
I haven't done any seam treatments yet. I was going to do flowers and more flowers on the seams, in the beds, up the tree and so on. You get the picture, I'm sure.
I'm not real crazy (ja ja ja) about ribbon embroidery, but if Malla, my partner sees where some would work, she's to go for it.
I'm sorry that I didn't get my half done. Malla by no means needs to think that she has to finish what I've got started.
I know that this block seems real drab, blah and so forth. I planned it that way so that the flowers in different threads and styles and types would show off. This is a "dirt" block.
OK, need to get it ready to post. Have my directions right here as to what I'm to do. Wish me luck in finding the stuff I want to include.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cute little Needlecase

I think that this little quick to make needlecase is adorable. I also found out that having one of these stuck with the needles that you are using on a project makes it so much easier than dragging around the big one. Just pick out the needles your project calls for and insert. Then when you can catch a few minutes to sew, wall`la, or Whoopie, your stuff is all together, regardless of project. Here's a photo of a kit I put together. This little kit, with red wool, white wool, green for leaves, blue for the little flower and green, red, white threads plus 4 assorted needles, sells for $4.50. Business manager is going to have kittens and tell me that I should charge way more for this. However, ...........
I hate the word 'kit'. Tell you what, I will make up a baggie of good stuff as a prize for the person coming up with a GOOD word to take the place of "kit". How does that sound???? This is for real!!!

Also, if it will let me load all of 2 photos, I'll also post a picture of the 20 count RED BAGGIE. These red baggies sell for $7.50 and $1.99 postage. Additionally, these will be kept in stock.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year

Here it is, January 1, 2008. I have hopes of making a go of my little business. My hubby, Ray, has agreed to be the "plant" manager, or "Shop" foreman. And Lesa, who has a degree in Business Management, is the "business manager" for CRAZY JUDYTH'S STUFF. I needed to do something as I was getting very bogged down and burnout was creeping in. He made some suggestions that I think will help immensely.

For one thing, there will be one mail out day a week. Probably on a Friday or maybe Wednesday. Which ever one works out the best.

Ray suggested after reading several responses to my query, that I should raise prices. So..... from now on you will see a slight increase. I'd rather not do this, but expenses have increased...........

I will still run specials every now and again, so watch for those.

And I want to thank you guys who have been so supportive. It means a whole lot.