Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a beautiful Spring day........

And I'm stuck inside trying to get some more of this housework done. I had to take Ray back to the hospital last night. He couldn't breath and was coughing his toenails up. Actually, he has been doing that for the past 4 or 5 days. He wanted to wait until Monday and me phone Dr. Clairborn in Wichita for an appointment. He has so much work to do over at the shop and felt that he should be working on it. Yeah, right. I finally talked him into seeing his primary physican, Dr. Stevens. Then about 10:30, he decided that he couldn't wait any longer. I talked to him just a little bit ago and he said that Dr. Stevens was reviewing all the test and x-rays that they took during the week that he was there this month already.
I'm moving furniture around. Did you know that to move this piece out of the file room into the kitchen, you have to clean the kitchen in the area that you plan on putting it. Then the piece in the file room that needs to go across the room has to be cleaned off, the kitchen machines moved to the kitchen, and then the shelf unit in here in the dining room has to be unloaded, un-screwed from the wall, moved, screwed into that wall and ready to re-load. You cannot believe the mess all of this is causing. Or should I say "adding too?"
I'm not handling this second trip to the hospital as well as I did the first time. I'm worried about Ray. And I must admit, I'm worried about me. What am I supposed to do with him gone? I guess I should consider keeping those thoughts until I really do need to worry about it. I could cry. Poor me. Poor Ray.
Sorry this is so doomsdayish. Back to my mess.


Gerry said...

Oh Judyth, I'm so sorry for the way life is treating you. Keep your chin up, your thoughts positive, and your prayers many.

Gentle hugs.

Charlene said...

I hope all is well with Ray and you. My thoughts and hope are with you both!

QltnRobin said...

you have my prayers and I am hoping that Ray is improving as I write this. Be sure to take some rest for yourself as well, you gotta keep healthy too!
Robin in Idaho