Sunday, April 27, 2008

Theme Goodie Baggie plus Other Goodies

I have plans to have some Theme Goodies Bags for Halloween, Fall and Christmas. These are in "the works". I've been making some Goodies Bags right along. Recent ones were for Alice and Lori in the color "Yellow". These Goodies bags contain fabrics, beads, buttons, laces and some threads.
I'm really looking forward to the "Fall" one. I have some brown silk velvet and other great fall colors in silks and rayon, linen and velveteen. Sorry, no HONKING ORANGE at this time. It doesn't lend itself to the color plan.

These photos kinda show you what I'm working with. Only they just show a fraction of the "goodies" that I have on hand. I have several metal hearts, broken jewelry of all kinds, hole in the belly spiders and ... well so much more.
I can't begin to tell you just how much more, but if you have a THEME in mind, contact me and I'll tell you what I have that might work. I'm certain that I have something here. As much as there is, there just has to be something. Right now I know that I'm short on fish buttons or beads. I have plans to sort all these baggies and boxes and other containers and get this stuff organized. Ja ja ja. No, really!

I also have needle book Goodies bags in your choice of colors. This pattern shown is one I made up myself. It's a double fold with a padded heart reverse applique to embroidery an initial on. The $40.00 Goodies bag contains the muslin pattern, enough different fabrics for the outside, fabric for the lining and pockets, batting, wool to pad the heart, Coordinating color of Wool for 8 pages, an assortment of buttons and beads, laces and other trim.

This photo shows one of the Needle book goodies bags partial contents.

I also have some old embroideries and hand made laces and edgings. These are very limited to stock on hand.

And not to forget some free clip art that appealed to me. Like this froggie

Thanks for looking. Let me know if I can help you with your projects. You can contact me at:


pineapple_ing said...

Hey CJ,
Good to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and Ray! Say... Could I get that hat lady doily? Thank you!! I could use it on a project. Plus the buttons I had told you I wanted to get too. I'll contact you on Mon. 4/28. That was my dear mom's birthday..big sigh..
Love and Hugs, ~ Ing

Lynn said...


Love your stash! I sent you an emial asking about the embroderies you have, let me know if you didnt recieve it. thanks much

Gerry said...

Judyth, what is the fabric in the first photo on the bolt. I love the color (if it's true). Is it a velvet of some sort? I might have to buy some of it. Let me know!