Sunday, October 14, 2007

Downsizing - Blue lace, trim, braid, etc.

Continueing with the thinning of all this "stuff". Here are some photos of the blue laces and other trims plus ricrac that I've had stored away. PLEASE NOTE: there is only one of these.
This baggie containes 30 assorted pieces of varying lengths and shades of blue. Again, there is only one of these. I do have some leftover pieces that I could make smaller/cheaper bags.
Price: $15.00 includes postage.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Orange fabrics

I despise programs that don't work when they are supposed to. I have other things to do besides trying to load photos when IE can't get it's act together. I've thried to load them into CQforNewbies group files and here. NOTHING works. Stupid machine. Stupid everything.

I have baggies of solid orange fabrics with a couple of nice prints to go with them. These are $5.00 plus postage for 20.

Watch for the TAT coming up this weekend. (TAT=Teal, Aqua and Turquoise)

Purples will be next. Just a heads up on the TAT and Purples. Let me get them all together first. OK?


Judyth who is going to go do something to work off this frustration.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Stash Sorted

I'm finally getting things sorted by color so that I can cut and then sort into 20 piece baggies. Finally. This is a photo of just part of it. What you don't see is a large laundry basket overflowing with reds and burgandys, a box full of pinks, another of yellows. Not enough yellows yet to make up baggies. But, soon.
While trying to sort this stuff, I found a box full of blues. And I already had 2 large trash bags full. Guess I really need to do that color soon. And then, I have a 30 gallon barrel full of all shades of green and then found another box that I had forgotten about. You can see the pile of purples that I have now added to the box of purples,.
I guess the question is: If I have this much uncut stuff, why do I go out and get more? I went yesterday, August 15, o7 to Sally's at Newton and came home with 37 more garments. Crazy? I guess

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fabric content burn test link

Point de G...something crochet butterfly.
Hi. This is the chart that I use when in doubt about the content of some garment that some damn fool has cut the label out of.

There are several others available, but I like this one best. If you would like to go further into this just type "fabric content testing" and you'll come up with some interesting ones.

Back to the grind. I've almost got the table cleaned off, but more inportantly, I've most everything pertaining to Crazy Judyth's stuff out of the living room. Now I can vacumn and vacumn some more to get it as clean as I can before I shampoo. And now they are calling for rain for the next 7 days.

Hard to get a carpet to dry when the humidity is over 100*.
The butterfly is a type of lace making. I would love to be able to make one. Just one. I think the name is Point de Gausa It's so unique in all it's layers.

Thursday, March 8, 2007


I tried to get Peachie to look at me but... Miss "I don't have to listen to you" had her mind on the leftover KFC. I even tried to get down to her level but that didn't work as the knees screamed out. I don't know what I did any different Tuesday than before, but I certainly hurt big time. And that was only one day. Usually I work two.

And as for that stuffed "squirrel"... I guess it was a squirrel because I wanted it to be. It actually is a beaver. and it doesn't squeek so her interest isn't very big. Nice toy, tho.
Since we have been feeding the cat in the house and he is typical "cat" about his food, Peachie has put on so much weight. I bet she is as heavy as she ever has been. My comments about Ray's cat are just that, my comments. He likes the "juice" on his food, laps that up and leaves the rest. So, you put down just a little bit and sometimes he will eat all of it and still be starving. So you put down just a little more and he laps up some more juice and walks off. She leaves it alone for awhile. Finally understands that it is "HIS" food. her mind anything left unattended for 5 minutes is fair game and we're usually eating or whatever and not fast enough to get it picked up. Really going to have to make an effort as she is getting too heavy. Not healthy.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday, more photos

I'm trying to add photos of all the basic baggies that I have.

An assortment of "Brights"


Thelma's order of 40 Blues
Baggie contents change as "stuff" moves in and out.
I'm working on getting some other baggies ready to post photos of.