Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Fabric content burn test link

Point de G...something crochet butterfly.
Hi. This is the chart that I use when in doubt about the content of some garment that some damn fool has cut the label out of.

There are several others available, but I like this one best. If you would like to go further into this just type "fabric content testing" and you'll come up with some interesting ones.

Back to the grind. I've almost got the table cleaned off, but more inportantly, I've most everything pertaining to Crazy Judyth's stuff out of the living room. Now I can vacumn and vacumn some more to get it as clean as I can before I shampoo. And now they are calling for rain for the next 7 days.

Hard to get a carpet to dry when the humidity is over 100*.
The butterfly is a type of lace making. I would love to be able to make one. Just one. I think the name is Point de Gausa It's so unique in all it's layers.

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