Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Need a last minute gift? Wanta play Secret Pal or Secret Santa? Let me know and I can get some fabric baggies in the next working day's mail. I have 25 count baggies washed, cut, ironed and ready to mail in Red, Blue, Purple, Pastel, Brights and med/darks. These are recycled pieces of Thrift Store Fancies. They include silk, velvet, rayon, satin, acetate, sometimes lace and linen. These are $10.00 plus postage.

Also have 25 count baggies in assorted linen weights and colors. A lot of the gals like using the linen which makes it easier to maintain even stitching.

Plus, give me a couple days and I can make up "Christmas baggies" consisting of 25 count of reds, greens and golds, (or your choice of colors) 6 10 yard wraps of assorted matching threads, 2 funky fibers, gold buttons, Christmas charms, and whatever else I can find to toss in. (Sorry, I have no silk ribbon.) The fabrics in this offer are the same as listed above. This is a generous baggie and one that you can give with pride. The price for this assortment is $25.00 INCLUDING Postage!

I have gathered up LOTS of fancy garments over the last 6 months and can make up some interesting baggies to order. Just tell me what you want and when I get it pulled, I can send you a photo for your approval.

We've got a new home!

We're just so happy. Miss Donna has made room next to her sewing machine for us. We can help her sew. We're good at that.
We just wish Crazy Judyth would hurry up and put us in the mail. She made some comment about dressing us up and washing our faces and.... WE don't think any of that needs done. Just get us there. We're so tired of living in a box!
Thank you, Miss Donna, for offering us a good home.