Thursday, January 24, 2008

Cute little Needlecase

I think that this little quick to make needlecase is adorable. I also found out that having one of these stuck with the needles that you are using on a project makes it so much easier than dragging around the big one. Just pick out the needles your project calls for and insert. Then when you can catch a few minutes to sew, wall`la, or Whoopie, your stuff is all together, regardless of project. Here's a photo of a kit I put together. This little kit, with red wool, white wool, green for leaves, blue for the little flower and green, red, white threads plus 4 assorted needles, sells for $4.50. Business manager is going to have kittens and tell me that I should charge way more for this. However, ...........
I hate the word 'kit'. Tell you what, I will make up a baggie of good stuff as a prize for the person coming up with a GOOD word to take the place of "kit". How does that sound???? This is for real!!!

Also, if it will let me load all of 2 photos, I'll also post a picture of the 20 count RED BAGGIE. These red baggies sell for $7.50 and $1.99 postage. Additionally, these will be kept in stock.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A New Year

Here it is, January 1, 2008. I have hopes of making a go of my little business. My hubby, Ray, has agreed to be the "plant" manager, or "Shop" foreman. And Lesa, who has a degree in Business Management, is the "business manager" for CRAZY JUDYTH'S STUFF. I needed to do something as I was getting very bogged down and burnout was creeping in. He made some suggestions that I think will help immensely.

For one thing, there will be one mail out day a week. Probably on a Friday or maybe Wednesday. Which ever one works out the best.

Ray suggested after reading several responses to my query, that I should raise prices. So..... from now on you will see a slight increase. I'd rather not do this, but expenses have increased...........

I will still run specials every now and again, so watch for those.

And I want to thank you guys who have been so supportive. It means a whole lot.