Friday, August 17, 2007

Orange fabrics

I despise programs that don't work when they are supposed to. I have other things to do besides trying to load photos when IE can't get it's act together. I've thried to load them into CQforNewbies group files and here. NOTHING works. Stupid machine. Stupid everything.

I have baggies of solid orange fabrics with a couple of nice prints to go with them. These are $5.00 plus postage for 20.

Watch for the TAT coming up this weekend. (TAT=Teal, Aqua and Turquoise)

Purples will be next. Just a heads up on the TAT and Purples. Let me get them all together first. OK?


Judyth who is going to go do something to work off this frustration.

1 comment:

Susan said...

Orange? You sold oranges???? I can't believe that! =)