Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Needing a New Coat

I need a new coat. The one I have is getting old...just like me. I made it 10 or 12 years ago and it's starting to show it. I'd wear it a couple years then find something else for a year then drag this poor thing out again. I love it and hate to let it go. No, no, I'll hang it in the back of the closet. Who knows, it might wear a couple more times.

I made this one out of corduroy with corduroy appliques. It was a fun project that took considerable time, even machine stitching everything down. The one I'm considering will be all embroidery (hand) and hand turned applique. Very little of the applique, but I've a couple ideas that include small bits.
I love HONKING ORANGE, but this new wool is some what louder than that. Scary! But, what else that is scary is what I paid for this wool. I can't just hide it or pretend that I forgot I had it. So.... I'll post some photos as work progresses. And when I get everything on my list for today done, I'll show what the wool looks like and some of the trims and threads and such that I have. But that will be much later as I've two chickens to cut up and freeze and a 60 count box of peaches that are ripe. Jam and pie filling for those.

Here is a pic of my old coat. I have others but can't find the one I want. Naturally.
I'll tell you one thing... I NEVER got so tired of doing something in my life. My photos don't show the side that I started on and all the snowflakes. Fact is, there are parts that didn't get any more French Knots than the bare minimum, if that. Ja ja ja. I plan to keep that in mind on this new coat project. Oh, another thing. This coat only had one (1) pocket because there was a design that I wanted to put on it and a pocket there would have ruined it. NEVER Again. I know, I know, "never say never", but only having one pocket was a stupid mistake. Stupid, I tell you. In a hurry and you stick stuff in the pocket that wasn't there only to have to stop and pick everything up. That was just one of the problems.
Got the Kitchen ready to do those two chickens. So, I'll go smoke and then dig out that last little bit of stuff for Sharon's baggie and a quick trip to the PO and I'll be ready to start.


Judy S. said...

Hello! Good to see you posting again, Judyth. Yum, peaches, they're the best! I wish they stuck around all year.

Anonymous said...

Hi Judyth,
I love this coat. I can see why you'd have a hard time letting it retire. It is absolutely delightful!
Janet in Colorado