Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pink, Red, "pink" and 1 yellow

More Buttons. These are all put up in Twenty-Five (25) count baggies. They have been "cleaned" as in all the threads and fabrics have been removed.

Soft Pinks. Two (2) available.

Shades of Red - Three (3)little baggies

Assorted shades of Pinks, some hot, some with more of a purple cast - One Only.

Last of the yellows. All are Medium to Small. Missing a Large Yellow One.

Not shown - Burgundy Red. One Only.

Still have two (2) blue baggies .
Keep watching as Black, Browns, metal and MOP are yet to come along.
Then its Mixed baggies to move the left overs.
I know there is at least one baggie of Crowns, Shields and Coat of arms.
Another of Anchors.
Baggies of 80 small buttons. I love tiny buttons but there is no way I'll ever use all of these up. Mostly white/off white with a few colored buttons included.
And the list goes on.
Then it's on to the laces!

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Anonymous said...

Woman! and you store all these items in your house?! LOL! I think you should have a large store! Great pictures of the buttons and fabrics! You certainly are the "GO TO" girl!
Lori K