Thursday, October 23, 2008

Books I'm willing to part with:

Skinny Sis came down Monday and spent the night. We sorted and culled lots and lots of stuff. I even took her upstairs..........the dreaded dark and cold dungeon that I don't let just anybody enter. For one thing, I have this OC about cardboard boxes. Big ones, little ones, tiny ones and I save them. All of them. So, consequently, the upstairs has a fair sized collection of empty boxes. Don't ask me why I save cardboard boxes. I can't answer you as I haven't a clue. But, Sis was a huge help in sorting things around. I have so much "stuff". I'm working on "grab bags" that will have lots of goodies in them. Watch for my ad on those.

I'm going to start this with listing some books that I've collected over the years. They all are sewing/embroidery related. But not necessarily listed in order. I'm not going to upload pics of these. If you want one, I'll send you a pic.

1. The McCall's Book of Quilts
1975 edition. Hardbound w/dust jacket. Book in good+++ condition. dust jacket has small tear at the top that I taped. 160 pages. Quoting from the dust jacket: "41 Patchwork Quilts with wonderfully evocative names--"Mariner's Compass," "Grandma's Garden".....--and legendary stories to tell". 12 Applique Quilts in whimsical, delicate designs such as 'Whig Roses,' 'Lotus' and 'Plume'. " US shipping only at $15.00 including media postage.

2.Painting with Stitches
Creating Freestyle Embroidery by Hand by Sue Dove
Published 2004, Interweave Press. Soft cover. Good++++ condition.130 pages "Paint your Creative Visions with a Needle and Thread." This book appealed to me as it called out to the Individual in me. I hate structure in all things. Some great ideas which stirred my creative self. US shipping only at $15.00 including media postage.

3. Fabricrafts
50 Extraordinary Gifts & Projects, Step by Step.
Published 1996 by Crown Trade Paperbacks. First American Edition. Slight shelf wear. Soft Cover. "This innovative book offers fifty beautiful and creative ideas for making gifts and projects from fabric." "Techniques include Cartonnage. Bead work. Scrapscrafts.Weaving. Stenciling. Felting. Stamping. Marbling. Applique.and Quilting." 160 pages. $15.00 US shipping including postage.

This is taking a little longer than I thought. I'll be back to list some more this evening.


Maddie Can Fly said...

I can't wait to see more books.

Jacque said...

Hope you had a Gr8 Birthday. I would like to buy #s 5 - 6 & 7. Jacque in Nebraska