Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Christmas Gifts

Need a last minute gift? Wanta play Secret Pal or Secret Santa? Let me know and I can get some fabric baggies in the next working day's mail. I have 25 count baggies washed, cut, ironed and ready to mail in Red, Blue, Purple, Pastel, Brights and med/darks. These are recycled pieces of Thrift Store Fancies. They include silk, velvet, rayon, satin, acetate, sometimes lace and linen. These are $10.00 plus postage.

Also have 25 count baggies in assorted linen weights and colors. A lot of the gals like using the linen which makes it easier to maintain even stitching.

Plus, give me a couple days and I can make up "Christmas baggies" consisting of 25 count of reds, greens and golds, (or your choice of colors) 6 10 yard wraps of assorted matching threads, 2 funky fibers, gold buttons, Christmas charms, and whatever else I can find to toss in. (Sorry, I have no silk ribbon.) The fabrics in this offer are the same as listed above. This is a generous baggie and one that you can give with pride. The price for this assortment is $25.00 INCLUDING Postage!

I have gathered up LOTS of fancy garments over the last 6 months and can make up some interesting baggies to order. Just tell me what you want and when I get it pulled, I can send you a photo for your approval.

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LooneySis said...

CJ- please, please read your emails. I have sent you two and need you to read them.